Frozen Shoulder

You may have heard someone say they have a ' frozen shoulder ' - it's a fairly common condition affecting women more than men. It tends to affect the non-dominant shoulder more frequently, causing a gradual loss in the ability to move, accompanied by pain at certain stages. Also called adhesive capsulitis, it occurs when the structures around the s...
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Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an extremely common condition, accounting for almost 15% of all foot related problems. The main function of the plantar fascia is to absorb impact as you walk, acting as a kind of shock absorber. As a result, plantar fasciitis can make walking, standing, and most daily activities difficult.   What are the symptoms of plant...
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Winter Woes - Why Your Joints Ache In The Cold, And How To Make Them Stop

Have you tried to curl up with a steaming cup of tea on a cold winter morning … but your sore knee would not let you? Do you have an elderly relative or parent who rings in the holidays with sleigh bells and painkiller gels? Joint pain has long been found to worsen during the colder months. Those suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, or those who...
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Ultrasound is a modality that is more mechanical rather than electrical; it utilises sound waves in the ultrasonic frequency (too high for humans to hear). Ultrasound has been used in a medical context for years, and you may be more familiar with the ultrasound that is used for imaging, or to look inside the body during pregnancy and to visualise s...
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Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Tens is a modality frequently used by physiotherapists to relieve pain. The current is generated by a machine and applied to your skin via electrodes. You may be asked to come to the clinic for TENS application as a part of your physiotherapy regimen, or if you are having physiotherapy treatment at h...
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In the past few years, we have grown a new organ – our mobile phones, fixed to our hands. ​ When was the last time you left the house without your phone? When we aren't looking at our phones, our eyes are on our laptop screens. And when we aren't looking at screens, we're bouncing around on the roads on our way home from work. (And if you WFH, you ...
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Back pain

Physiotherapy for Back Pain Back pain is something most of us will experience at some stage during our lives and is the most common reason for missed days at work. Back pain affects primarily the lower back and the good news is, that in most cases, the cause of pain is not serious and can be resolved in a few days or weeks. However, some symptoms c...
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