Benefits of Tele-Rehabilitation


 As much as Rehabilitation in person gives a good outcome of pain reduction and restoring function, tele-rehabilitation that is rehabilitation through video calls can have its own benefits. All you need is a good internet connectivity, a screen and a microphone to start with.Few leverages of online physiotherapy include:#1 Access to physiotherapy from any location.

As technology comes handy, this is the biggest advantage of an online physiotherapy session. Be it an urban, rural or a remote location, this facility can be accessed from wherever you are!

#2 Faster availability of the physiotherapist.

Online Rehabilitation eliminates the hustle for you to wait for a physiotherapist to be available as it does not include the need for a physiotherapist to travel to a clinic or your home for a consultation.

#3 Adaptation of exercises in one's own favourable environment.

Exercising in your home environment or a place where you find most comfortable for an intervention can be promoted through online access to rehabilitation.

#4 Appointments can be flexible and can be managed as per convenience.

You gain the flexibility to manage your physiotherapy sessions in your comfortable frame of time as well as the one that suits your physiotherapist.

#5 Immediate feedback to the patients.

While an online physiotherapy session is live, your physiotherapist can guide you for the right technique of exercises and give you feedback about your prognosis.

#6 Reduces the reliability of charts and diagrams for home protocol.

The biggest advantage of having an online consultation with your physiotherapist almost eliminates your dependency on the diagrammatic representation of exercises and promotes a live channel of intervention delivery.

#7 Eliminates the burden of travelling, extra cost and long waiting hours.

Digitalization has made the world become a smaller place and this is how it can be very much of a benefit that you need not travel to a rehabilitation centre and wait for your appointment to be called out. It cuts on the additional cost you would spend to travel to a place for treatment.

#8 Longer Adherence to therapy.

As with the convenience online physiotherapy offers, it will incorporate a long term adherence to exercise protocols by you, that too under complete supervision of your physiotherapist.

It doesn't matter if the physiotherapist cannot reach out to you, but physiotherapy certainly can!

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Monday, 23 November 2020

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