What is spondylitis?

It is inflammation in the joints of the spine.

This causes pain and stiffness. Severe cases may lead to a hunched deformity.

Can spondylitis be cured?

There is no cure for spondylitis.

Symptoms are managed by medication and exercise.

How does physiotherapy help spondylitis?

Pain relief is achieved by electrotherapy,heat or ice.

Strengthening the core muscles helps to support the spine and relieve pain.

Postural re-education can help to prevent pain from being aggravated.


Can I walk with spondylitis?

Aerobic exercise has been shown to improve outcomes in spondylitis.

Walking is a good way to begin exercising.

You can also try hydrotherapy, ie.exercising in a pool. This takes the weight off your spine and allows you to get exercise without pain.


What mattress should I use?

Use a firm mattress that supports your joints and avoid ones that are so soft you sink into them.